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State Witnesses in Texas Abortion Law Trial Defend Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers


The State of Texas presented its first witnesses Wednesday afternoon in a federal court hearing concerning the latest legal challenge to HB 2, wherein Texas abortion providers are seeking an injunction against new regulations that require abortion-providing doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals and mandate that abortion facilities operate at hospital-like ambulatory surgical centers.”

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Courts keep striking them down, yet states keep passing 20-week abortion bans. Mississippi might be next.

Can someone explain to me, in a nonviolent or attacking manner, why a twenty week ban on abortion is unacceptable?

You have twenty weeks, half of your pregnancy, to find out and decide on whether you want a child. Between 17-20 weeks, you can normally feel the child moving inside of you.

Why is a time limit unacceptable?

I am pro-choice but when you’ve chosen to let the child develop to a certain point, you don’t get to decide last minute to just evacuate it.

There are lots of reasons someone might get a later abortion! I have a list written up somewhere:

  • Denial of pregnancy (especially powerful after rape or incest, or in abusive situations)
  • No symptoms of pregnancy
  • No recognition of pregnancy symptoms
  • Raising money (look up “chasing the fee”)
  • Arranging transportation
  • Arranging care for dependents
  • Getting time off work (if it’s even possible)
  • State-mandated waiting periods
  • Misinformation and delays by crisis pregnancy centers
  • Dealing with the physical and psychological aftermath of rape
  • Obtaining parental consent or getting a judicial bypass
  • Unexpected life changes (losing a job, a home, insurance, a significant other)
  • Health concerns in the pregnant person or fetus that aren’t detected until later in the pregnancy

Any one of those on their own is an obstacle, but most of the time you’ll find more than one in play. So it’s not that people are just ambivalently twiddling their thumbs for 20 weeks, it’s a combination of a lot of different problems and holdups.

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Last week, the Supreme Court opened the door for for-profit corporations to deny employees birth control coverage just because their boss doesn’t approve of it. Now, champions in Congress are taking action to fix it.

Ask your lawmakers to go on the record now: Do you side with bosses, or do you support putting birth control coverage back in the hands of people who need it?

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